Design And Concept

Lego Disney Train Bed By Doodlestylearchitect And Interior Designer Ben Maynard-good

Today we would like to present you a unique bed. This is the type of furniture that is no longer perfectly horizontal or vertical. It was a trend that also stopped in 1992 and it inspired various other ideas. We managed to build what do Dome and Bluebell had in mind. This collection of unusual beds would make a great addition to any modern or contemporary home. It features a strange and playful design and it is modular.

The main idea behind this collection was to combine and mix pieces made from recycled materials. It was also an unusual and vintage piece used as a bed. However, it would fit very well in a traditional or vintage home. The idea was to keep the design and little details intact and to transform those little items into functional and practical pieces that might help you relax and maybe even fall asleep a little.

The bed has a compact and royal design that deserves to be included in this unique collection. It offers a relaxing and comfortable sleep in bed along with the elements that make it better than ever. The combinations of materials are numerous and so is the way you stack the beds. There are knobs in the drawers and in the sides and the whole design is more interesting than ever.The combinations of materials are particularly interesting, especially when you consider all the imperfections. The bed is handcrafted from copper, which makes it strong and sturdy while also creating a very subtle and warm environment in the room.

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