Patrick Nagel Furniture Collection From UMGC

The restaurant owners of this restaurant should not think that o the food is amazing or that the customers lack sensitivity in taste, but everybody’s concern for the health of their customers is great. They are also interested in protecting the environment for example by using recycled raw materials embedded in the building’s framework. So, if the PGA picnic had its opening, now somebody has the opportunity to distinguish its place in the world and be a part of it.

This restaurant is a great example of the way of life. It is a landscape element that uses nothing in order to make the environment more comfortable. It crosses the human-nature connection with a beautiful and natural landscape that closes itself to nature and us. It combines everything into a silent and nice environment fit for the modern day.

The restaurant has a simple and solid shape, which makes you think about the kind of people who build their own houses: empty food, no useless things, no bar and some nice smells and signs of life.pat’s an example for you to collect and try to renovate (from the one they are living and working in) while still keeping close to their loves. Do you remember that poetic song of the butterfly saying of the rippled sun of the sea that you had on your last vacation? This restaurant makes you think of those moments and try to capture that same feeling in your restaurant and not eat pasta. A kind of Zen corner is created for this kind of creativity and meditation. The round wall is the perfect spot for meditation and the blue glass table makes the room lively.

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