Small Shower Rod With Versatile Use

In the shower there’s often not a very nice space above and counter-depth for the hygiene. But when you don’t need that much space there’s still plenty of space to do some work. For example this stylish shower rod makes that space less obtrusive while also taking advantage of the fact that the shower floor looks less invasive than it would have been with a wall or curtain. Also, the wood rod is versatile and a very nice addition to just about any bathroom.

The shower rod attaches easily to the wall within 40 inches. It’s made of large wood with a natural finish that will easily mount in any space. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any maintenance. It comes complete as per the manufacturer’s instructions and has a stack effect. The length of the rod can be adjusted according to your needs in the space.

The wood rod carries 8 inches so don’t let it catch all the weight and make it trip over. This piece is best used in corner spaces and it’s easy to mount on the walls if you decide to put it in the shower. It measures 74” W x 96” H and it’s a solid wood shower box with 74” W x 15” D overall. The insertions are quiet and it only takes a screwdriver to get the shower pre-installed. The pre-installed cable goes anywhere for that big difference.

The overall dimensions of this product are 15” H x 72” W x 15” D. You can easily fit this shower box above your existing bathroom fixtures or place it at the entrance or in your own shower, as a decorative element.Available for 319$.

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