Line Art Face-up Table Design

I don’t know if you noticed or not but we’ve all got this cultural attitude. We used to love everything that was coloured and had a pattern in our homes but then we got tired of the same old colors and everything became boring. It was worth trying a colourful bathroom wall, but for a severe taste. So I favourite line art because these colourful objects are too much for my taste. And, if I need to change it, I usually look for other wall art, perhaps something more modern, in an object itself. All these modern art pieces have one thing in common: they are functional. They make your bathroom look colourful and exotic.

“Velvetinsturnation” is the perfect example, as it goes very colourful, but does not neglect the simple, but nice things. The shiny frames make the stickers more interesting and help you choose the colour. The rainbow design of the frames supports the collection called “Velvetinsturnation”. The name is not insult, as it is appropriate, as this is the designer’s “Velvetinsturnation” and the things that are associated with this collection because nothing is important when it comes to the people in that period. It is all about the colors, the shapes and the symbolism.

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