Bamboo Porch Shades By Egeo

The modern home designers are starting to understand just how much the landscape and nature are changing with time and with each passing season. However, it’s not exactly every day that you come across a house clad in a tropical theme and you notice that it actually makes perfect sense in the sense that this house was actually built around a large garden and this allows it to live up to the comfort and beauty of nature.

Egeo Porches is an architecture firm with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Singapore. With its modern facade and garden, this house bit the tropical charm with a unique design. Its white and green nuances require no renovations and this design approach is not without its challenges. The result was a beautiful, sustainable and stylishly decorated house with character.

Egeo Porches was founded in 2011 by architect Maria Zintoli and a set of skills that allow all of us to master treatments such as architecture and design. This allows Egeo Porches to offer beautiful and affordable designs tailored to a particular space, as well as to those with specific needs. Everything is custom-made and designed to suit the environment and needs of the user, so every little detail is carefully considered.

The outer shell is made of pine slats customized with plexiglass panels, offering privacy and proper ventilation in addition to being soil-insulated. They also mediate between the natural and artificial elements, hiding the imperfections without compromising the beauty of the materials used. The warm and welcoming look comes from the untreated tropical flowers and leaves combined with the dark and transparent glass, staying away from any style and convention.

The house has four levels. The top four levels have bedrooms with bathrooms and skylights, the middle ground being just below the kitchen and the bottom ground being the garage. The garage is situated downstairs and has a bar and an entertainment area. As for the interior design, the low-lying concrete and white-striped walls are reminiscent of those built all over the place and outside. Notice how the barrier between indoor and out is reduced to nothing, this being the only distinctive characteristic.

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