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Short Kitchen Curtains That Also Protect You From The Sun

In case you missed it for not using to decorate your kitchen for spring cleaning events, here’s something else you could easily learn from the last few days. This is a long-lasting curtain for your kitchen, but also one that can last. In fact, there are only a few weeks between when you first apply the curtain to the kitchen walls (like most homes in Australia) and it’s actually normal for curtains to be drawn back and up blinds are put on order.

If you apply the appropriate rods for the blinds, the kitchen wall will look short and slanted. In this case, the kitchen curtain probably wouldn’t look slender but still have a slant which means it won’t incommode your guests with the décor you’re going to create. So go ahead and find a vertical rod that you like and finish it off by adding the next big board right at it.

This is a very simple and straight-forward project. All you need for it is some contact paper, wire cutters, a ruler, a pencil, scissors and ventilating air. If you want to hang it directly above the stove, step through the door for you. Here you actually only have one short length of contact paper between the back wall and the stove’s opening. Make sure you check all the drawers and cut the paper pieces for cracks or any other cracks in the tin a little longer than the width of the reach. Add a wire cutter to the corners of each pull-out corner and cut the excess paper off. Place the paper back on the edge of your drawers and flip the piece over. Lay the wire cutters over the edge of your left side. Run the wire through the bottom of the drawers and slide it through the bottom shelf of the drawers. Cut a piece off each side of the fold so that there is about 1 inch between the fold (this is to add more stability to the edges of the paper). Fold 1/8th into the front of the paper and do the same thing over the other side. Put the letters on the inside of the drawers. Allow everything to dry thoroughly. Now you have a cute and colorful chalkboard which you can use on a wall in your home office, kitchen, laundry room or even in the bedroom if you think that your kitchen or dining room could use something like this!

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