Fairy Garden Set By Jangir Maddadi Studio

The fact is, as the title suggests, wonderkids are building their own wonder. For example, the somewhat intelligent kids who create these interesting and playful fairy gardens, are indeed architects.

The project, which seems to hint you with its name is Jangir Maddadi Studio’s architectural design, trying to create a wonderland for their children. As the name suggests, this is a building, which helps them create their own fairy gardens. The design is, of course, spectacular and there are a lot of stories to tell as to convince you.

The building has 6 floors where the parents have their own private room, living room, dining room, kitchen or outside yard. And what better way to spend a sunny afternoon doing nothing than by enjoying a cup of coffee and admiring the lovely setting above the fireplace. Inside the trees seems to be the perfect place for a child’s bedroom, surrounded by nature. And, of course, the spider plant that looks fragile and nice. It’s probably the place where he will remember to play and the first thing he thinks of when he wants to snuggle up in bed and remember the many nights spent in his room and the stories he will have sleeping those beautiful and comfortable beds.{pictures from around 100% Design and Kamarama Garden}.

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