Green Pink Patterned Velvet Pillow Set

After deciding to replace the old plain white rugs with pink versions, the designer Jean Nouvel came up with the idea to create the “green pink” collection. These beautiful cushions feature bold and vibrant colors and create a very nice contrast with the neutral and pristine white rug. Each cushion features a different pattern and display a unique combination of patterns and colors.

These colorful pillows feature a combination of patterns of the design variety. For example, the first two colors are reminiscent of nature, while the third one is reminiscent of a particular type of building or structures. The pattern can also be considered a background for other decorations and accessories and thus the whole set can be beautifully complemented by these pillows. The price for each pillow starts from $Internal.40 but other sizes are also available at the same time.

These vibrant and multicolored pillows will be lively people’s eyes at night as they make a great focal point in your bedroom. They also sound very cozy as the pink suggests so much and they are also very versatile. The pillows are hand-tufted for extra softness and they are made from one of the most beautiful fabrics in indoor living – ceramics. The colors of the pillows are soothing and sweet, making you feel really comfortable and cozy. Pick your favorite color and make your next dream come true.

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