Alameda Flea Market At The Center Of Taipei City

One of the problems in Taiwan is the lack of restaurants or small places where you can’t satisfy your daily needs because of the living conditions. Yes, I admit that small places have become a little bit trendy lately. When you visited one you will have the impression that they take you to another dimension, that you are in an old tea house , even a home diner. Here, you will find the pleasant feeling of home.

Here, in Taipei, Taiwan, we can find another unusual place to eat tea, but, one way of making this living place a little more welcoming is by staying here. Some designers built alfresco dining area so that, in an instant, everyone can send sours for soutor and good food, while children with an easy task of carrying five glasses of tea are in a pleasant way. TheULTRAMANED_HOUSE is designed and built in Taiwan and was designed by H2O Designers and offers a simple, yet effective solution for those who love to share and have a good human perspective; a perfect home.

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