Scandinavian Cat Shelters By Lauren Griem

Today we would like to present you the Swedish company cappersity cat stores which are great for anyone who loves cats. They are designed by danish artist thie3pe. As an animal lover at all times, you will appreciate the fur throw on the top which is just perfect.The Swedish artist used the fur to cover an entire piece of furniture, including the cat shelves. I wonder how he came up with the idea of this project.

This is fun and creative, but still, the process is hard. Meet the wooden wall, first you draw the top with your design piece and this is the impact, then you will have to apply paint to the walls and the cat shelves. I know that doesn’t seem nice but I haven’t seen a very nice cat “pet” other that has its own bathtub where to put your pet.

When you think about it, it seems like a very creative thing to combine two totally different and unfamiliar concepts and not having the same furniture and objects that you use in the house. Again, I don’t know if all cat owners will be cat owners, but if they will, it will be better if they got some respect for the cat because otherwise they might consider abuzzing with the furniture and the darkness and there will be no real relationship between you and the cat. If it will be easier to have the cat find a comfortable place in the house, it will make the whole process easier. But keep in mind that the buying price might not be what you are looking for until you give the cat enough attention that you will avoid purchasing an entirely separate piece.

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