Closet Mirror With A Clever System

Closets are supposed to be organized and decorated beautifully. It’s a very good reason for not having a separate wardrobe for your clothes. We all want a clean closet. But there are cases when, surprisingly, we all prefer to have a spacious closet. For example, why have a spacious closet if it only means one or two rooms that need to in some way to link you perfectly to the rest of the house? Closets are also helpful in several ways. Almost anyone would feel like that is was great, if it wasn’t so compact. A Dutch designer created this practical creation, called the Closet Mirror.

The mirror offers you the possibility to perfectly and neatly organize your space by choosing the the perfect color, material and size for each room. The mirror is perfect for a variety of reasons that can be divided into four categories. From there you can also choose between various types of doors, like shelves, coat hangers or storage spaces with doors. Any one of these bathrooms can be turned into a chic boutique. Moreover, there are numerous other functional and practical ways in which you can use this mirror.

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