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Minimalist Office Supplies That Look Like Chic Flowers

Office supplies have changed a bit in the past few years. They’ve become unnecessary in some cases and they’ve replaced the things that are needed in the kitchen or the bathroom. Still, they have something that’s very useful in certain cases. office supplies have become unnecessary in some cases and this means you no longer have to worry about storing them and all and get them out of the way. We found a very beautiful and beautiful storage idea for you on ilhichlittled. The idea is to use empty plastic bottle caps. You can use faucets or other types of containers and you simply put your paint pen to good use. You’ll have a stylish organizer that you can keep all your office supplies in.

To make the project easier and also less messy, you can make a beautiful gift wrapping paper organizer. You can make one out of paper and wood. You’ll need colored paper, a glue gun and scissors to make sure the design goes with the whole thing. You can also add a layer of seasonal green leaves. Glue the paper and the wood pieces together forming a circle. {found on thehoneycombhome}.

Another chic gift wrapping paper organizer can be found on shanty-2-chic. The supplies needed include five pieces of paper, a ruler, a pencil, glaze, craft glue and ribbon. First you need to make the frame using six blue acrylic sheets. Then make the rectangle using the same eight sheets but different colors. After that, cover the edges with the glue mixture according to the instructions on your site. {found on littleredwindow}.

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