Apartment Bartender Industrial High Gloss Finish – Coro Milk By M&H Propriet

Italian company M&H Propriet has created this sleek bar industrial high gloss finish – Coro Milk. Coro milk is a drinks which mixes fridge and dish to create a sophisticated industrial look that complements any space. It’s the ultimate high gloss finishes for any bar. This designer furniture features glossy finishes that are as unique to the company as their furniture designs. The Coro Milk Cabinet has a glass-front design for more visual interest and than a Coro Milk liquor cabinet. Further added, these matte finishes give a warmer, more homely vibe to the space. Your bar area will look fabulous – whether it’s in your kitchen, powder room or even in the restaurant if you’re serving your bar foods. You don’t have to look far for a designer to make the sophisticated Coro Milk drink your next cocktail party – just stop in to take a bite on the coziest part of your favorite diner.

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