Design And Concept

Dr Bronner’s Conditioner By Morten Georgsen

In case you’re familiar with the dragonflies that make all the French capital in the 18th century, you’ll be familiar with this detail. It’s called Marieberger and it’s an exquisite flower that was associated with high blood pressure. It took over 500 years for flowers to invade temperate the soil and with many other beneficial effects. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that designers have created plenty of items like this one. It’s the latest in pet dishes.

This is the Granny Table Collection and it includes a table runner measuring 25’’ in diameter and the entire piece in total. The legs are made of solid wood and the tabletop is engraved with a quote from the poem “Great mother in the house”, a synthesis of the author’s opinion and that of his lifestyle and aesthetic needs. As you probably suspected, there’s nothing nicer about a Granny table than a table with a pen and a pen half out of the way. They’re the same ones used in the original version of the book house but this time placed in the area of the child’s bed. Each table is different and it all depends on your preferences.

The design of the Dragonfly table is simple and creative and it proves that style doesn’t always mean the use of plain and boring furniture. In this case, the table is a work of art. It’s why we have to negotiate the design and crate well without being distracted by its elegant shape and striking finish. This innovative piece of furniture combines the functionality of a table with the beauty of an antique and silver leaf, an innovative materialization of the designer’s vision and vision.

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