Lego Disney Train Bed By Greta Glodkja

Bedrooms are very important in any home, especially if it’s a flat. So we have a great opportunity to use that space in some very interesting designs and to offer some very interesting items. Among those we also have the bed. It’s one of the most common pieces of furniture. People buy all kinds of beds for different rooms because there are not enough space for all and many people.

Of course there are those who want more space and want to buy multiple beds to fit their rooms. Of course they will probably need more space but it’s still worthining the idea. One of those people is Greta Glodkja who created Lego beds. Her creativity allowed her to find new ways of providing the perfect bed platform for her small bedroom. She also found many ingenious and fun storage solutions that fit the room.

And now those of you who are in love with the idea of having beds made just for personal pleasure should take a look at this collection. I’m sure that this collection will make you reconsider all these ideas and will make you realize that the best thing for you is a bedroom where you can spend quality time with your partner while you enjoy nice weather outside and you can listen to the cracking and rolling of the waves.

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