Design And Concept

Painted Shaker Cabinets

Shakers are indispensable tools and pieces of fine art for any kitchen. With time, they will lose their utilitarianism and become more decorative and more precious. The time is very valuable so that you cannot afford to waste any of it. However, once in the mail, you see the importance of such a object in any field. Those who love usefulness will be attracted to this type of objects and they will consider them as objects that are more precious than any other object they might ever come across. For them there is a special gift, something unique and precious that can be bought anywhere: Shakers are like jewelry where you cut it and count it.

The Shakers are two humble and relatively simple object pieces of furniture that are slowly appreciated by the modernist and sculptor Tadao Ando. The Shakers look like simple scissors or like a rope that has been cut. It is not so sophisticated, not sophisticated. It is, indeed, a perfect gift for Shakers, although sometimes the Japanese appreciate usefulness and retain things beyond their apparent utility. In my opinion, this objects represent a perfect combination of human usefulness and style, a pair of rough and old objects that will not be appreciated by the average person.

The designer offers you the chance to choose from a range of colors or materials and to combine them according your preferences.The Shakers are not only simple, craftsmanship and materiality, but also an elegant and precious companion for a piece of nature that will be loved by a friend or a family member.

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