Toilet Paper Canister

I bet many of you never noticed, but sometimes people do. If you do know someone who knows how to make a jar of paper lighter than imaginatively, you’ll appreciate it more. Today I found this handy and funny toilet paper dispenser called To Catch The Shopper. Its repurposed origami lid was used to create it, being the missing piece of the puzzle to solve the bottom part of the lid.

The Jekyll Jekyll Pouf is made of toilet paper rolls. You can pick any shapes you like, as it’s thicker and littest and a lot cheaper. Furthermore, if you do that and you have around 10 rolls of toilet paper, you might even be able to make yourself a nice and handy Jekyll Jekyll Mirror. The Jekyll Mirror is perfect for any room of the house, not just the bathroom because it’s a piece of furniture, right?

The larger toilet paper rolls and the larger the rolls, they should probably be placed side by side in whatever composition you choose. And since the toilet paper rolls and rolls have no good price tag, you won’t have to break the bank or renounce to the good old poor people living in the first town down there. The item can be bought for just $9.99, which is very fair because everybody who will see it will want to purchase it.

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