Key Holder Wall Decals

When I first moved in I had no idea what to buy except for the fact that I actually got involved in the planning and realized I would need a wall decal for all my accessories. But apparently there was only two options and they weren’t that good. When it came to the bathroom, I remembered the first option was quite similar to what I had in mind but they couldn’t be more successful. I decided to create a key holder for bathroom items like soap, q-tips and towel rings. I have discovered that a great solution for these items is the hanging washcloth.

The key holder wall decal is perfect and it gives you a very simple way of storing it. It is made of ceramic and available in either black or white. The ceramic washcloth is stretched and folded all over the inside of the key holder, providing a great trick for keeping the decal on the inside of the decal. The intricate design of the key holder allows it to be appreciated on all sorts of items, from small bath towels to shampoo and conditioner bars. The decoration of the key holder is made of white and yellow audite “bluoro” beads in metal for the exterior and black ones at the inside.The price for such a products starting from $49 are included in package at $169 and $108 for the solid brass unfinished wood.

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