Sofa And Chair

Settee Loveseat – A Versatile And Beautiful Piece Of Furniture Designed For Both Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

The settee sofa is a very beautiful piece that would look wonderful in a rustic living room. It features a simple design and a subtle and elegant silhouette. The sofa can be purchased at the price of 199.59 euros and it’s most comfortable when you sit on it near the sofa.

The dimensions for the sofa are 86? wide x 31? deep x 32? high. Even though it’s a cold piece of furniture, this doesn’t mean you can’t make it comfortable. This beautiful piece was designed to be used in large spaces or in guest rooms. The sofa is simple, comfy and cozy.

You can purchase the settee sofa at the price of 800.00 euros. it has a simple design and a versatile look. The sofa is neither very simple nor elegant but rather than looking boring it’s a little more stylish. The curved shape also makes the sofa look comfortable. The built-in cushions are great for extra seating and they are handmade. Both the sofa and the armchair come in three different sizes. The small version measures 86? wide x 34? deep x 34? high while the the medium one has a width of 24? wide x 31? deep x 38? high.

The settee sofa was designed for indoor use only. It’s been sealed with a soft textile that also provides extra padding and comfort. The covers are 20’’ thick and made of up to 20% cotton. Avoid using fabric on the sofa if you prefer the sofa to have a more lightweight look. Tence comes in a variety of colors such as grey, white, orange, light yellow, orange, navy blue, chocolate, nutmeg and others. You can choose the color from several different types of fabric. Prints may also be available.

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