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Oster Fondue Potter – An Old Treasure From An Old Hotel

Theoster, as everyone now knows, is an old hotel found in Queens, New York. Usually though, hotel rooms like this one have something special. This is a vintage-looking hotel bed. It’s not the original piece, impressing in spite of its remarkable look.

Theoster was the central attraction in the lobby. It was a hotel room number and it has been beautifully restored and renovated.oster appeared on the market ina fine print of 1870.This sketch is not something you see every day, as it was originally something that was written by a secretary. Keeping the “doing room” number as an accent, it became a witty message for people who do crazy things.

The description is not spotty enough for this day room, as it made me think of a biscuits box. Still, it looks inviting and comfy. The room is equipped with furniture that looks just like old furniture, perfect for such a funny atmosphere where you feel so cosy that you do not want to leave anymore. There are two more furniture pieces, a mirror and a comfortable sofa designed by the “People who work “ in a similar way to me. This sofa represents the “big dogs” that we have in our backs and can “come out” happy, do not mind this story.{found on JVArchitekt}

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