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Ceiling Bed Lamps By Rapha

Little by little we are starting to build our houses. We create space around something and when we finish building it, it becomes bigger and grander with it. That is what usually happens to us, people. We start new things like coffee shops, renovations, additions and make big changes in them. But those changes transform the character of the building or apartment in our home and make us go “ crazy …”, lost over time. Well, that is not how it should be.

Coffee Lovers have found their comfort and style in a coffee shop and a loft in Saint-Nol. The coffee shop is located in Noordwijk and it was a project by Houtjagen-based studio Gang van der Velde Architects. They also built the mezzanine level of the building and it is situated under the roof on a prime location with panoramic views over the surrounding area and the sea. It is terraced, simple and enclosed at the same time but it also has a sophisticated design.

The coffee shop has an impressive and monumental ceiling made of 100 to 120 cm in the shape of an array of honeycomb brick rectangles. The process was Equipment with Structural Designers and Engineers skill on a yearly basis and they design fascinating structures out of wood and concrete with crazy futuristic designs. The shop is tall and very massive. The space under the highest place is the highest on the planet. The so tall is made mainly of concrete and the ceiling creates interesting and unusual angles and adds even more density to the space.

The interesting structural aspect of the coffee shop is that it has no railings. Besides that, the furniture is all white. The only exception is the black and white brick coffee shop that sets the tone of the whole structure. Very cool. It actually looks like a set of stairs that climb up a very huge concrete platform. It looks very dramatic and impossible to believe but it’s actually a very simple and common idea. It’s a great use of concrete for the customer base and it also offers more privacy and intimacy to the spaces where the stairs are placed.

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