Vintage Area Rugs – Vintage Suitcases

People love the texture and the contrast that makes spaces look chic and stylish. It’s why a lot of vintage suitcases that they were adopted in their homes have a vintage look and that makes them unique. It’s why these vintage suitcases from Pottery Barn are perfect.The vintage suitcases are very cute. They have a very interesting texture and they are always full.

Even though the shape and the design are original and that of a nautical sail boat, this doesn’t make them any more appropriate for public spaces. In this case, they are actually placed on a sea levelidence near the entrance. I find this idea very clever and very interesting. It’s also a very good reason to use them both as decorations and as decorations for the interior space. And if you like them both and if you like the idea, here’s a link to the original web site where you can find out more about them.

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