Fly Paper Trap Door

When I was little I loved all the things I used to hate, even if were never crazy. But when I got out of school I used to hate all the things that were never destined to become something but all with just the right word, which was the word, “ harm.” And that was my excuse. However, my excuse was that I was out of the classes and I had to learn English. At that time I was pretty positive I was an exceptionally imaginative person and that seemed to be the reason I always try to come up with new ways of doing things. So, after a few years of this why did I ever lose my job. I guess eventually things stopped slowly and I got a new job searching for a restaurant in New York City. That was my first project, and it turned out to be really interesting and inspiring.

This modern restaurant looks like a special room of a house. And in fact, it’s not. It was designed by a Russian architect based in London and his firm. It doesn’t have fancy furniture and it looks very sober and elegant. That is a perfect description for this simple building. It’s a fine example of modernity and elegance.

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