Cutting Board Drawer Organizer For Toilet Paper

Nobody likes to clean the toilet or the drawers from closets or cabinets. But sometimes this doesn’t go so well. So you have to deal with some little pieces that can be very annoying and they don’t belong there. So here’s an idea of a very simple and very practical way of saving some space. It’s a cutting board drawer organizer for the trash, garbage, etc. and it was designed as a space saving solution.

First of all, a special solution needs to be used for this. This very low drawer was the one the problem. It had to be small and perfect that everyone can see it. The solution to this problem was multifunctional. There are multiple solutions. For example, when you have a vase of flowers or when you have the trash then it can be very tricky to find the space for this organizer. But this way you get to have some storage space that doesn’t make it difficult.

With such a simple and modern design, it must be easy to find space for this organizer. The problem now is to find the right place for this space. In the photos that you can see the bench I have chosen from I visited and I was telling you that there’s always room for a bigger vase and I really need a lot of space.

I have a small bench from my apartment so I was surprised how large and heavy it was. I made sure to have a thin bench inside the bench so the kids can place their belongings on it. Of course, I didn’t said it was necessary to have a thin bench. It’s a way to add some height and space to an already small table. Only removing the top part took only 3 minutes. Now, that’s not even the space you have on offer. It’s a great solution and also a more practical solution.{found on ikeahackers}

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