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Walmart White Desk

We all have our home offices at least once in a while. It’s where we usually work, where we work on breaks and weekends and where our entire house is populated with cubicles. But there’s getting more efficient and practical for the current day offices, there’s more space for all the things we need in a very short period of time and where we reinvent the traditional desk. If you are currently looking for a new chair or chair, you should know that this brand – Walmart – has come up with a new concept. It’s called the Walmart White Desk and it’s simple, comfortable and stylish.

The savings of an old and fund home office, now with a smart and efficient e-phone being the only thing you need to fix, is truly amazing. The Walmart White desk is designed to let you organize your office life with ease. Simple colors and minimalist lines will help you close to your things without having to look too seriously.

It also offers you plenty of storage space, which is always important when you are an active person and thus needs constant control. The idea is perfect if you want to save an enormous amount of money without also feeling comfortable while working. The chair is made from 100% cotton and the frame is available in three colors: green, yellow and purple. The steel base is adjustable and the cushion measures 40 inches, being made from soft polyester with a finish produced naturally.

The desk is sturdy even with a strong and comfortable design, being able to support a total weight of 22 pounds. It has a felt cushion covered with non-allergenic fabric which is great and that makes it even more comfortable and pleasant to hold. It also has a 360-degree swivel and a tilt mechanism, being the best piece of furniture for relaxing in the office. The base, if you want to add a little more style and character to your workspace, you can have it. The price for this chair is $1,099.

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