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Shelves Without Brackets – Bunk Doors

Bunk doors are very practical in spaces like home, guesthouse or laundry room, because they take up so little space that you don’t need lots of things inside and, on the contrary, you need to have a lot of things inside and this means that the bed is just one of them. So why not put them all together? No more extra storage for the laundry room or the cabinet. These bunk doors allow you to save floor space and to keep your clothes arranged nicely by night. Moreover, when you put them together, they look particularly good.

These bunk doors are made of poplar and waxed eucalyptus wood, which is a great material if you want to protect your clothes against dust and to provide a more airy look to your bedroom. They are sturdy and durable, so easy to install and safe and also very practical. The best part is that you can personalize them by choosing a nice pattern, preferably one particular and still very visible. Just give a little note regarding the color and maybe a bold name for example. Also, be careful not to use too many nails in the door so extra protection is always ok.

The bottom bunk door is obviously the best one, as it prevents the room from always having a door at the end. You could, for example, use frosted glass panels to avoid any late night mess. You could attach hooks to the back of the door to hide the ladder or you could mount it on the wall like shown on remodelaholic.

We also like the idea of using furniture in the form of bunk beds. The kids would sure prefer something less conventional such as bunk beds or a pull-out bed. We also enjoy the fact that the interior is very clean and bright. It’s a detail that wonderfully contrasts with the dark exterior, since the interior is hidden behind mirrored surfaces.

Of course, not all bunk beds look the same. Those that desire something a bit more out of the ordinary and are more drawn to minimalist designs. You could have a simple bed on a wooden frame and a wall unit with storage compartments underneath. Of course, a simple design can also work if you’re trying to create a more inviting, warm and comfortable ambiance.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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