Sofa And Chair

Bunkee Board By Jeff Jordan.

Bunge was the first carpenter to work with wood and to create furniture out of wood fibers.

He developed a technique in this process called “conditioning” that basically involves applying an x-shaped middle part (which is not adjustable) to a material and letting it cool. This stimulates the response of the whole wood. The resulting product is a piece of furniture that looks and feels great. It is made of solid wood and it looks and feels very sturdy.

The Bunge stool is actually a wooden product so it feels very comfortable and soft both when sitting on it or leaning it. It is thin, but very thick and resistant in time. Great news for you, because you can no longer use your imagination and creativity for this project. It is actually a stool that is made of two parts; the top of the wood piece and the bottom. The result is perfect, that the Bunge stool is very soft and cozy both when sitting or lying while you read a book or perhaps taking a nap.

The thick wood pieces used for this project give the piece a somewhat delicate and delicate look. It is actually a very versatile piece and if you decide to purchase it you can have it for $329 or $ expressly requested by the seller. Great for any modern or industrial bedroom either way.

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