Expert Home Offers Beautiful Views Of The City And Mountains

When you first look at this home from the outside you wouldn’t imagine that someone actually owned this place. However, it’s not just the actual building but the way it was built. The house was a project by Andres Remy Arquitectos and it’s located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As the name suggests, it’s a contemporary residence.

The views and the surroundings were the elements that dictated the design of the house. The location of the house is very beautiful. It’s a quiet and peaceful area, with beautiful mountains and a very calm and relaxing interior. But while you’re there you imagine you’re in the city and you quickly realize that it’s not that different from the city.

The residence is a three-story building with views visible throughout. The interior is modern but it also features several classical architectural details such as the vaulted ceilings and the fact that has classical trim details but all the built-in elements have been combined in ways that make the house stand out.

Modern was the client’s first step and the main idea when creating the house was to preserve the trees simply because it seems like the place would be easier to take care of this detail when it was not used. It wasn’t an easy task but the architects managed to make the views look wonderful. They did that by using natural materials, soft materials, neutral colors and large textures. In addition, they managed to create a very nice balance throughout. The house has a beautiful backyard. The architects used a limited color palette based on grays and yellows. The result was a dynamic but yet neutral and delicate home.

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