Outdoor Plates Melamine Table

The dinner table is a great and easy opportunity for welcoming friends and family, preparing more entertainment and taking care of the plates. The outdoor eating space, whether it’s in a garden, forest, or on the deck of a house is always an open and inviting place for taking advantage of all the magic that happens in the kitchen during those winter days. Today I came across this very beautiful dinnerware set called Melamine Table. The plate plate in the middle of the table is simply an antique furniture piece that was carefully restored to its former beauty.

The Melamine table has fully lined with fire-resistant anodized finish. The plates are made from 100% white dishware cut of a natural teak, and its edges are made with hammered crystal. The thick decorative glass plates are highlighted with a thick middle plate that, as you can imagine, has intricate carved details. Then, the middle plate is highlighted with an elegant plate that is dedicated to places where the children would want to stay, like the kitchen, for example the area near the microwave oven. The crystal provides a nice contrast with the base of the middle plate, and the make a beautiful decoration around the table.

The item is available is beautiful and elegant, and is guaranteed to be a very nice decoration for all your friends and to be appreciated by the family. You can purchase it now for $48.30.

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