Glass Pasta Jars, An Unusual And Ingenious Solution

When you say dishwasher glass jars, you dare think of using this term just because there’s not use it in every home. There are plenty of solutions, this one included. It’s not the best word to describe the jars but its enough to do it.

But we can’t ignore this idea. The best way to describe this piece of furniture is with a clear picture. It definitely has an antique look, like a cupboard, maybe with some nice handles. It’s true that there’s not a lot of choice in terms of color and details but you can still include this furniture piece in your home. It still looks old and traditional. It might have an antique style but this doesn’t make it less chic and interesting. These glass jars are an ingenious and unique way of storing your baby’s milk and other liquids while also maintaining the external temperature.

I personally love having such simple piece in the house. It gives me freedom and it’s easier when you have a child. The piece is very helpful in the morning when you feel better and more organized.Available for 600$.

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