Gray Wood Floors Bring Warmth And Comfort In A Home

The kitchen and the dining room share the same open space. They’re not particularly large but they still each maintain a distinct and very elegant décor and atmosphere. The grey floor is one of the most beautiful colors but it’s not a boring one. Gray is a calming color, one that can be relaxing and calming, balancing the mood and reflecting the décor’s strong colors. Even though it’s not a very popular color, it suits spaces just well.

The bedroom is the only room where the gray floor is not a main feature. It’s a space that’s simple and bright and it has a mat white décor. The rest of the décor features a combination of shades of beige and turquoise. The dining room features a beautiful chandelier and chic furniture. The bedroom is especially elegant. The black headboard is very elegant but the rug too is a simple and chic detail.

A very beautiful detail is the fact that the apartment has plenty of wood and this contributes to the overall bright décor. The décor is mostly a combination of modern and classical elements. Also, the wood elements add warmth and texture to the décor. The color combination is simple and kept throughout the rooms. Also, the mirrors add dimension and charm to the space.

I particularly enjoy the bedroom. It’s simple and elegant, with simple lines, subtle color and elegant decorations. The work light from above falls on the bed and the color in the room creates a very nice balance.{pictures from Alex}.

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