Minnie Mouse Ears By Petra

I don’t really know what to call the minie but that’s the most common term for such a furniture piece. It’s an accessory that can be used for the eyes and that also makes it highly eye-catching. The Minnie Mouse is an exception because it was designed by Petra.

What’s interesting about it is that it consists of only four pieces. They all have the shape of a mouse, two legs and two accessories on the bottom side. They also have eyes melding into a star, thus possibly simulating the familiar star-burst figure. It’s a detail that gives it personality and it’s always nice to match it to something. The actual piece that you see is not placed in the middle of the furniture and it’s less important than the piece that stands there. It’s an accessory that looks beautiful and is functional. It can be an easily turned into a decoration for the living room where it would look great near the sofa or the coffee table.

Minnie is a wood table that as beautiful as it is functional. It has a simple design, with a thin metal frame and four white legs. The dimensions however are quite different. The top can be lifted to reveal a large storage space. You can store a large book collection or a series of magazines, books, toys or DVDs. It’s a very useful piece and it could be very practical in other rooms as well, like the bedroom, living room, office or any other space.

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