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Glass Drinking Bottles

You do not need to have a cellar, a home theater or a bar to have a glass bottle shop. Besides, you don’t even need to have them in your home. A glass bottle shop would be a nice and pleasant option for any home. You can place it wherever you want and change the atmosphere with a simple few dollars. The idea was created by the guys from centsationalgirl and they seem to have collected 10 of them. That might be hard to do considering they only use glass but you should try to paint your own bottles with some colored or pasted paint for a more modern look.

These bottles look more like small canisters or jars filled with flowers. Even the bottom of the canisters has glass cutouts that only show the inside of the canisters when they are closed but they can also be filled with small flowers, berries, pine cones, etc. Use metallic paint to create an interesting and colorful design. If you want you can also add some twine to keep the bottles connected with twine.

The idea is very simple. You use an old glass bottle or containers to make candle holders. You put the tea and tea bags in each container and then tie them with string. They are then tied with twine around the frame. If you want you can change their color and use different-colored string lights. You can also make tiny candles using small bulbs and candleswax discs. This will definitely give your home an upgrade.

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