Oriental Stool That Comes With A Metal Base And Stainless Steel Shelves

Stools are very versatile pieces of furniture. They can be used as decorative pieces and also as practical room dividers. The modern trend nowadays started pushing some new limits in terms of style, image and materials, but ultimately all of these designs seem to have been designed to be comfortable and to serve as perfectounds. One particularly interesting creation is this stackable coffee table. It’s called Primi and it’s made in Italy. It has a strong iron frame complemented by wooden rectangular trays.

The interesting experiment was called Primi DIY Coffee Table. Here are some of the materials that were used to create it: glue, poplar root cheworks, sheet moss and cherry wood. From $30 to $40 per table.

The table itself costs $95. Moreover, it includes two lighted rocks that you can use to make a beautiful ice bucket or other small thing that will keep your drink nice and safe.Available for $350.

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