Russian Folk Art Double Wall Decals

There are many ways to decorate a wall and some of these ideas are very simple. Just like in any field you can get creative and come up with original designs. Today we’re going to focus on this rather unusual concept. It’s a wall decal. Decorating a living room, bedroom or any other space for that matter it shouldn’t cost you anything. The main thing is to make the wall look nice and pretty and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a decal. There are lots of ideas that you can use.

These two bedroom have a modern and simple interior. The color palette is neutral with pale tones and this gives the room a very casual and relaxing feel. Decorating a room on a budget can sometimes be difficult and you have to be creative and to come up with new and original ideas. These two bedrooms are interesting locations for a wall decal.

The color palette used here is very similar to the one that defines most modern homes. The warm tones create a cozy and very pleasant atmosphere. Modern and contemporary decors are usually focused on simplicity and on the little details. Still, the two bedroom look and the way they are combined is very beautiful.

Here, the décor is simple but the accessories and the warm colors create a welcoming atmosphere. The pastel colors are also a nice detail that can be used for accent elements but for the wall décor. The accent pillows and the artwork are just accent details that make the whole room feel complete and cozy.

You don’t necessarily need wallpaper for this type of décor. You can use one of these colors if you want to create bold and colorful stripes on the wall. The tree could also be a nice choice. It would symbolize tree love and would also be a chic touch in any room.

Whether you use it as a background for a gallery wall, a decorations or as a friendly shape, it doesn’t really matter. This décor, in this case, is very beautiful and chic. The framed wall mirror is a modern twist on a traditional symbol. Also, those nice pendant lamps really spice up the atmosphere.

These are just a few examples illustrating the versatility of wall decals and their versatility. You can use them to make any or all room feel beautiful and cozy. You can adapt the idea to your own home which is why this design could be adapted to suit any style. You could, for example, make a comfy headboard a nightstand or you could make this bed a part of your bedroom.

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