Stained Brick Fireplaces – A Rustic And Original Way Of Warming Up The House

A fireplace is, in fact, a component of the way a home’s décor looks like. It has the power to be a major focal point. A stained brick fireplace is often the piece that makes the room feel cozy and inviting and also classical and rustic and maybe also elegant. This particular house is, of course, very cozy but it also features a beautiful brick fireplace that has been preserved and restored and which looks amazing in all the rooms.

The house was renovated in 2012. As most contemporary spaces these days but also a rustic ones, this brick fireplace is the piece that brings warmth and coziness into the whole house. The brick was actually covered with natural clay which has been covered in moss, garnered with moss and wood-faced mosaic tiles. Since then there have been numerous renovations and changes which made the fireplace less accessible but not forget about its charm.

The brick is now part of the wall and this is a very charming feature. It also makes the room seem warm even though it’s definitely not rustic. Traditional sofas and armchairs are part of a usual décor but the fireplace is no exception. Anyway, the change of geometry and the simplified look definitely has a very bold impact on the overall design.

The fireplace is the main focal point of the whole house. It’s actually part of the wall and is actually the centerpiece of the room. A contemporary fireplace can either be low or very high and it can even be used during the day for light control. Notice all the sleek and subtle lighting fixtures that add a futuristic touch to the whole room.

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