Pandora Time, The Feminine Flower That Is Love At Its Best!

I have always loved flowers that are so delicate and beautiful: round, soft, but also big and strong, graceful. This is an image flower which has inspired many designers, who created their own styles and met in front of their eyes the elegance and beauty of a special flower.

The And toile collection is all inspired by this feminine flower which is the image of love: bright, clean and little white flowers that change the face of a person from a nice dull and sad house where you never get to sun easily. The And toile collection is a masterpiece of design and manufacturing and it is handcrafted in Italy. All the pieces are hand-shaped and have a special and original look and a fine piece of delicate art.

I like it when my kids draw on the walls or paint their rooms using white paper straws. But normal tablecloth or dining cloth should be colored in some interesting nuances. I hope that this And toile collection will bring a glimmer of hope to your houseiors when your children have all their own drawing pieces. I know that some of us are used to a practical and functional style in the house, but I am also a fan of the artistic prints used around the windows, walls, doors, where a great deal of passion was put into creating them.

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