Credenza Modern By Calligaris

Calligaris is an Italian company that has its own way of designing all their products and furniture, from offices to living rooms and even bedrooms. For Calligaris, the attention is mostly on the aesthetic side. They are always keen to choose simple and contemporary designs for all their products and furniture. Calligaris is a company that uses elements that are easy to blend in with existing furniture but also that are usually very hard to find.

We’ve only shown you few examples of their work but soon we’ll cover all the different types so we’ll combine them. This is a combination of desks, consoles, small shelves and many others that the user can create and take inspiration from. The modern design of Calligaris is very clear and simple so it offers a lot of possibilities regarding a variety of ways the furniture can be personalized. Try to combine function with style.

For example, one of the compartments is, of course, the writing area and the work area. And that one has a slide to save space. The pocket doors are minimalist and give the room a more open and airy feel.

Then there’s also that dresser with access to the sleeping area. It features a drawer for storing cloths and other things on and it can be integrated in a corner when needed.

The second compartments is perhaps the most functional. It includes the area where you can place a book, a small lamp and a small storage box.

The shelving system is just as important. The purpose is to have display purposes. There is a compartment on the left side where the TV is placed and another one on the right side where the collection is.

In the remaining compartments you can also use other items such as a night lamp or a small book to place the small items you may find necessary. The shelves are actually used to store books, DVD, CD’s and even books or decorative items.

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