Hard Lines By Jorge Graca Costa

Architect Jorge Graca Costa has created in La Jolla, California a modern residence for a family of four. The property is a remodeling project that involved the creation of a rear deck addition and the addition of a stair. The challenge was to integrate the two levels of the house while creating a continuous space even though the topography didn’t really create a lot of space.

The house is composed of two levels that are perpendicular to one another. On the bottom floor a terrace is created and it includes the children’s rooms as well as a family room. The stairs are a relatively simple item that is often overlooked by designers. Building the terraces on this site wasn’t easy but the result was as impressive as expected.

The top floor is reserved for bedrooms and the floors above it include the living room and open kitchen, the dining area and the open patio. This way the rooms are both connected but also separated by floor to ceiling glass walls. The bottom floor opens onto a wooden deck and the top floor opens onto a wooden deck and the swimming pool. The house is incredibly beautiful but to be fair, let’s also take a look inside. The amazing décor features dark wood floors, polished concrete and glass subway stairs. The master bedroom is a very intimate space with a glass wall that allows you to admire views while not concentrating on the view.

The residence also has a home theater, a fireplace wall, under floor heating and panoramic views. The residence is situated within a Conservation area which is close to many parks andottages. And while having a big house to work with is great and also convenient, it’s not a four star priority. Besides that, the house is very cheap so you won’t need much in order to make it work.{found on contemporist}

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