Oversized Floor Mirrors With Backlighting From Ypsilon

If you are looking for a way to add a contemporary touch to your home, then you will love the new Ypsilon floor mirror from Ypsilon. The Smeg floor mirror has a minimalist design that is perfect for minimalist interiors. The Ypsilon mirror offers a simple and eye-catching way to frame your art, or maybe your bookshelf or wall letters. The Ypsilon mirror is available in silver or polished chrome finish. Smart Claudio has extended the style quotient of the Ypsilon mirror by adding a backlight that highlights the shape of your face. Just imagine the way your face will suddenly shine! The multifunctional mirror can be used to fill the space where it is mounted or you can adjoin other mounted mirrors to create larger attractions.

El Portal features a 3.7’’ X 3.7’’ X 2.8’’ aluminum panel that extends to the canvas finish of the Ypsilon mirrors. This durable mirror is available in brushed aluminum or white lacquered wood. Just remember not to forget that meets the wants and understanding of the clients needs and capabilities, the designers have a wide variety of products from Pelle Frau to Lema mirror available for purchase.

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