Antique Tv Trays From CB2 – The Secret To Trendy Décor

If you’re the type of person you like to watch 1984, you’re probably familiar with CB2’s Trays line. No wonder they were able to pull off modern designs such as this one. The Galaxy Tray set includes trays that have been made up specifically to allow for a perfect viewing experience. The trays are hand-stitched details from Kticoco and fit just as accurately as the console they are made of. Their oval shapes are hand-carved details that complement the curved nocturnal sky. They would fit in just about any contemporary décor and would make a fitting addition to a cozy reading corner.

The trays are available in either chrome or graphite finish so that you can customize your existing collection for a richer feeling. They are crafted from parabolic powder-coated steel and formed into a pedestal. The trays have an internal stabilizing structure which allows the glass to rest between the trays, maximizing the clear qualities of the light coming through the adjacent glass.

The trays are great for the outdoors. They are also very useful in the bathroom, where clean lines and sharp angles create a dramatic effect. The four trays come in a variety of heights and sizes, as well as finished and available with a non-pillable coating that prevents them from slipping. Browse the catalog and make your selection.

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