Cathedral Ceiling Kitchen By Stéphan Mele

When it comes to the design of a kitchen, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and practical while also gaining space and decorations. For example, this futuristic ceiling kitchen design from Canadian designer Stéphan Mele stands out from other décor pieces. Its sculptural form adds extra interest to the kitchen.

The ceiling is the most impressive part. The sculptural feature in the kitchen adds height to the space while also making it look very slick and modern. There are several interesting aspects related to this design. For example, the dramatic presence of the suspended kitchen island made it resemble a dragon in some cases. Not a common combination of materials but one that is usually what the men’s rooms have in common.

The ceiling and the walls of the kitchen are lined in cement strips which allow it to become an industrial wall. Behind this hidden feature there is a large portion of a recycled wooden dinner bed. It sits on a curved wooden ceiling with a simple design inspired by the design of the dragon egg pillow. This bedroom takes a different approach and it uses natural wood in its design as well as a few other elements which mimic the look of the wooden panels.

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