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Corner Chaise Lounges – Space-saving Furniture Collection

Nowadays everyone seems to have the same living space in the house. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all space. You can create the illusion of larger spaces and rooms and this is the main idea for this type of design. There are many ways in which you can do that.Vertical-balconies perfectly work and they provide you with lots of great visual effects.

Vertical-balconies allow you to open up even the most delicate spaces. This way you use the space to light up the entire room. This way the white space is Amitraviée, a color that matches perfectly the walls. The white walls need not be be the only ones.{found on ikeahackers}.

The accordion shelves can turn out to be the missing piece in the living room. The solution is both interesting and practical. You can use the shelving system for the storage of books or you can integrate it into your wall unit that also includes a variety of books and show cases.{found on newyork}.

The windows of the living room can be a bit isolated in order to allow you to avoid the usually boring and natural décor. The walls would serve as a perfect spot. For example, you can have framed photos, framed artwork and a bunch of other things.{found on site}.

The simplicity of this living room’s décor relies on a combination of furniture pieces such as the ottoman, coffee table, wall mirror and the lighting fixture. The coffee table is a simple and unusual piece, featuring a white frame and a wooden shelf insert which can be used to store books, magazines, CDs, watches, boxes and anything else.{found on site}.

I find this combination quite poetic. With those built-in storage systems for shelves and other accessories and the minimalist modern décor featured by this living room, the space becomes airy and organized and it also emphasizes its functionality and versatility.{found on theplatformexperiment}.

Once you have those storage compartments and shelves, you can start to feel more organized. The living room of this apartment has everything you need, including a few ottomans and a wall mirror, as well as some hanging pendant lamps. The wooden flooring is perfectly coordinated with everything else in the room.{found on mimicism}.

When everything is simple and neutral, such as this eclectic living room, it easy to keep the décor simple and colorfully. It’s what makes this living room so charming. But the focus is not only on that but also on the storage spaces, the furniture and the wall décor. The corner shelves reveal a few chic and simple wall shelves. They are a niceRepeat element for the rest of the room.{found on perfectionlilyblog}.

The simplicity and versatility of the living room storage systems allows them to either blend in perfectly from where they’re at in order to look less striking or to seem like separate rooms. For example, the small wall-mounted bookshelves can double as small entertainment centers. The wall mirror completes the look in the most beautiful way.{found on geschkeandesign}.

It’s easy to add color to the living room when the décor is neutral and balanced. A color accent would definitely help. In this case, a deep blue sofa sits nicely in front of the small accent rug and the two stylish green side chairs complete the décor.

You can also use color in a different way. The fireplace and the TV are nicely positioned in the corner, a simple yet still eye-catching combination. The patterned curtains reflect a lot of bright light and the pendant light fixture is really interesting too, especially after the fireplace closes off the space.

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