Built In Daybed – An Eco Home With A Contemporary Edge

The idea of building a small home on a small site is not as easy as it may seem. Faced with an unusual and challenging site, offers an alternative and space-savvy solution. Built by Spagnuolo Design, a perfect improvised home on a small plot in Rome, it is perched a few meters from the Tramuntana Spa, sitting on a concrete platform. The lovely concrete platform alone is enough to create a lovely sitting area with an unusual ceiling and modern furniture. It is easy to spot the environment inside the house and the earthiness outside. The interior is minimalistic, yet highly modern and inviting. A perfect use of space and light.

When deciding to do something unusual, the first thing you look for in this house is functionality. The indoor-outdoor sitting area is placed next to the kitchen and the bedroom, and occupies a small surface at the top of a concrete and steel platform. A concrete wall offers privacy while offering an interesting surface for plants and comfort.

The kitchen even has a minimalist kitchen equipped with all the basic appliances, all in black. The color scheme is neutral, with an accent wall featuring this color that breaks to the black island. A small corner unit houses the large sink and electric fires, illuminated from behind with the open hood and floor-mounted bar.

The bathroom is tiny but stylish and with a double sink vanity. Behind it stands a long, rectangular bathtub. Positioned in front of it, it is the perfect location for a glass wall. The modern washbasin is harmoniously equipped with a large shower basket and a round self-closing towel rack.

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