Natural Wood Colors And Charming Accents

My personal favorite part of my trips to Istria, the medieval Nordelta Resort in Tigre, Buenos Aires, is the beautiful combination of natural wood and metal features. I consider this place the perfect spot where to relax and forget about all your problems.

Whether it’s barbeque or dinner service, I wish you can invite your friends and companions. The table is always clean and the chairs, stools or benches can easily be swapped out for plain red chairs, creating a more artistic look. I remind that this place was actually constructed centuries ago. The interior design of this amazing country home is extremely beautiful and fine, yet casual, perfect for a stay anywhere you wish to spend the holydays. The fireplace is one of the architectural gems making it an eye-catcher.

The interior is the perfect place to spend the night, just in case you happen to be in the house somewhere. The best part is that it can be closed off for the intimacy and quiet that a relaxing atmosphere needs.

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