Short Chandelier For Modern Bedrooms

If you are more worried about the space you have available in the bedroom, you should take a look at this very modern suspended light. It looks like a giant coloured disc that also hosts the TV. Well, this is how you know you won’t find a mirror in this bedroom. The light bulb is the only item that stands out here and spreads light though the room. I’m not sure if this pin chandelier has any unusual designs, those that have unusual shapes like a human or an animal, but even something that is strange and resembling an animal’s head. It’s fun and very useful and it also spreads light exactly in a different way.

This unique suspended light is called Dandelion and was designed by totianq. The light is created using a combination of LED and CFL makes them both very energy-efficient. The light is so nice that you won’t want to get out of your bed or to stay up as they make you sleep all day long if you’re lucky enough to have a nice night bed. The light is only 1/3 as strong as the real animal head and is available in a black or white finish.

If you like it and want to support it, you can buy it from YIDECS web site and place it on your desk, as a permanent reminder of the important work you do. Just in case you want to support it and want to display it, the top right cage lets you do that. The light is really useful and it will probably stay there, perfectly safe, in your computer and also in your kid’s room if there is no occasion. The item is now available to be purchased for $149 from YIDECS.

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