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Lowes Commodes, An Ingenious Mobile Chair

We continue with another interesting project. The project was designed by Neustift Smith and it involves creating a very ingenious piece of furniture. The company is specialized in interior design and enjoys creating furniture that radically surpasses that of any piece of furniture. The lowes, as with most such projects, is a simple and functional solution for small or modest-sized spaces. The focus is on the little things, the way in which everything helps increase the functionality of the space and bring out the best in it.

This ingenious creation, as the name suggests, is a compact piece. It’s small and cute and it’s also a very comfortable chair. That’s because the designers focused on integrating the chair with a limited space. This way the desk folds up when you’re not using it and only the essentials are in storage space. This way the user can have an office that’s efficient and functional at the same time.

This simple invention is one of those small things that people usually include in their homes or in their travels but that, once they’re inside the house, is just there without the help of a piece like a suitcase or a backpack. Here’s how you can use the secret niche inside this small cabinet to keep the small things organized and always in one place. First let’s see what you’ll need for the basics. Well, two bike hooks, some sisal rope and a leather bag are all basic supplies and the secret rope trolley ring is crucial as well. You can make it from pieces that you can arrange in the shape you like you want on a large piece of cardboard and this will allow you to change the bike’s hook according to your preferences.

Another idea would be to use empty toilet paper rolls which again can be recycled or can be repurposed. A versatile idea is to take a piece of wood and glue it to a board that you can turn into a display case. The whole process is very simple but you can customize it in all sorts of ways. Place the wood inside to obtain a flat surface or apply more decorative shells. If the top is too plain then you can add extra details like shells or flowers.

Once you have the wooden frame, it’s time to add the rope trolley ring piece. You can attach the pieces by hand if you choose to do that. Of course, if you prefer something a little more rustic, you can have fun decorating the whole piece. The idea comes from chicmeetshealthy and that’s where you can find additional details about this project.

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