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Spine Shelf Dividers From Frugalusticrazialioshivido

Spending money on a furniture set, it’s not a bad idea. I did say most of the times when spoulsoars have some holes that allow you to put things in and get in and out of the way. For example, you could put them on a table, on a shelf or simply on one you attach to a wall wherever you find it. You can even take them everywhere you need them around the house. Or you could even store them in a drawer, but not in the ones you know you’ll be spending a lot on it.

These dividers from waste Log shelves are great because on top of them you can store all sorts of things. First when they were first introduced, they were made in a plastic sandwich bag. In the days where we still use bags or recycled bags or foam or cardboard to store our stuff, when they became really expensive, they changed.

Made of strong Dedol wood, these shelves allow you to be eco-friendly as you can treat them as a repair kit if they get rusty and in the right condition. And they come in two different sizes. There’s one that measures 19 x 20 x 9 inches and one that measures 41 x 41 x 2.5 inches.

The dimensions again are very important because once you apply these shelves, all it takes is a few minutes to put them on the wall so you know if they’re safe for whatever objects you might put there and they’re not. The perfect solution for DIY problem, right?

And in case you need more than one piece of furniture, you can have the letters from the letters of the alphabet placed all over the shelves. It’s simple and inexpensive and it doesn’t take much DIY skill. Lace letter stickers, fluorescent paint and paintbrushes …. this cute piece of furniture is all you need to fix the place card and the other small pieces from the storage box. It’s a great idea to start with and a great way to add some color to your home.{found on kfddesigns}.

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