18×24 Frame Walmartini Table

Cubism has been the most important theory of design since the beginning of time. Although it has been a source of inspiration for all sorts of creations, it has recently been put to the test with a new purpose and this is what has led to the classic creation. This is a table created by the famousWalmart. During a few years back, the world’s largest online shopping site was born. However, as digital tools became all the time cheaper, the increase had led to a drop in global market prices. As a result, this particular model of a table was born.

The revolutionary arrived from the very beginning with innovations in the field of manufacturing. Now the popular Martini Table was designed along with the Shell Table by Monica Armani. It’s a very artistic design created using the shells. In this image, the shell is basically a graphical representation of the two bodies that interact to create the table’s shape and structure.

The interesting thing about the Shell Table is that it’s a very simple and rudimentary table. However, it’s a refined piece made of brass and walnut veneer. The table was created using a beaded shell that casts acrylic as support. On top of it there’s a solid base made of walnut. The base has a circular shape and the base is supported by a series of steel rings with powder coated iron welding rings. The table is made of walnut with brass surrounds and a beautiful and sophisticated finish.

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