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Kitchen Wall Storage From Gaggenau – Simpler Kitchen Layouts That Exceed Style

A classic kitchen design that will exceed all expectations with its simple forms and functional elements makes the Transform by Giulio Cibic. A kitchen masterpiece that is complimented by its elegance and functionality, the Transform by Giulio Cibic brings contrasting forms to the kitchen. A timeless and integral style, the Transform by Giulio Cibic incorporates smart stainless steel vertical cutting boards that function as markers for the contents of the shelves. With just the cutting boards the kitchen is perfectly organized and tidy, easy to keep and Phillmart spoons hanging at a finger’s reach are stored in functional, close-up style. The shelf system is engineered with manufactured wood and stainless steel for a perfectly-balanced look. Easy to assemble and install, the Transform by Giulio Cibic is a modern achievement in design at the forefront. The main trait of the Transform by Giulio collection sees a seamless integration of kitchen units into an existing kitchen – the system here takes pride in being as practical and functional as possible, whilst maintaining compatibility and harmony.

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